All Are One

by Sophe Lux & The Mystic

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    In these crazy times when the sanity of the human race is called into question on a daily basis, Sophe Lux & The Mystic's Gwynneth Haynes still believes in Us. Her new album “All Are One” invites our imaginations and souls down the rabbit hole and into an alternate universe constructed of Haynes' multifaceted Utopic visions.
    Glittery art-rock narratives drenched in psychedelic and operatic textures illuminate Haynes' "Lost Horizon" vision of humanity's potential.
    Working a prism that reflects both the shadow and the light, shape-shifter Haynes, personifies the cast of characters who populate her songs:
    A Shakespeare-quoting alien child from the future who sends a comet of love and awakening to earth in hopes that we don't blow it. (“The Love Comet”). Be sure to check out the home spun Love Comet video.
    A voodoo high priestess inspired by Rumi & Allen Ginsberg performing a soul retrieval on you (“Your Wonderland”).
    The neo soul infused "Love is Waiting" addresses the evils of mass globalization and the dignity of the human spirit.
    In "All Are One" futuristic priest preaches about the new humanism. The song ends in crescendo with the preacher's spoken monologue. Conjuring the spirit of humanity with a choir of angels at his side in call and response fashion, he makes his Clarion Call.
    "We are the healers, we are the teachers of truth, the collective messiah, the ones to guide the innocence of youth. Beaten hearts will rise again, with agape's sacred kiss. On the wings of a silver dove, to the vision of the inner wilderness; here come the changes, riding on your soul, lighting up your heart, here comes creation, with a love to heal these mistakes." -from the song "All Are One"
    Album Credits
    Gwynneth Haynes teamed up with up with co-producer/engineer Larry Crane, (Elliot Smith, She & Him, Cat Power, Pavement, The Decembrists, Jenny Lewis, Sleater Kinney). The album was recorded at Jackpot Recording Studio in Portland, Oregon. Haynes wrote the songs, sang lead and backing vocals, composed string and operatic arrangements, played pianos, B-3 Organs, synthesizers, and vintage drum machines. Crane created psychedelic sound collages and backwards synths to create surreal sonic nuances. He also laid down bass lines, programed drums, and played Fripp and Eno inspired e-bow guitars. The album’s sound was created organically and intuitively, primarily using analogue instruments. Paul Pulvirenti (touring and session drummer for Elliot Smith), came in one day and made drum loops. These live drum loops were mixed with the programed drums. Dan Lowinger (Western Centuries) played some of the guitars on “Love is Waiting” and “Your Wonderland”
    Other Tracks...
    “The Infinite Colors of Desire” Opening with a prog-rock infused pastoral introduction sounding like early Peter Gabriel's Genesis communing with a Transcendentalist on EMD. As the song unfolds, we discover our longing for the earth and the earth’s longing for us against a soul-infused landscape of swirling synths and funk-inspired bass lines.
    In “The Earth Breathes” backwards synths, etheric vocals, and radio waves rise like a dream state: As the Comet has arrived on earth we see the dawn of a new era rising. Haynes asks us to think about what would happen if the earth woke up and started a dialogue with us.
    In “Love is Waiting” the love comet re-surfaces on Wall Street. This Motown fueled track explores the holy profits $ of mass globalization in the age of the apocalypse.
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released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Sophe Lux & The Mystic Portland, Oregon

"Sophe Lux has dazzled" -SPIN
Sophe Lux & The Mystic is an American band notable for its blending of electronica with chamber pop and art rock influences.
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Track Name: Your Wonderland
Your Wonderland
Don't let your little darlings
rot upon the vine
Your wonderland awaits
in another place and time, time, time
you fall upon the world stumbling
sing it out! Sing it out! Are you ready to live now & risk
everything, everything for Love???
release the past now
dismantle your old selves
become suspicious
of all your desires
fog lifts away from
the veil of purple tears
bringing us visions we haven't seen in years
bring me the clarity of the inner spaces
that perfect hunger
that nothing erases
sing it out! Sing it out! Are you
ready to give now? And risk Everything, everything for Love!!!
shadows & Isolation
hiding in your soul
await the light of your truth
your stories to be told
don't you go to your grave with your song unsung! Sing it out! Sing it out!
cause you're starting to live now and risk Everything, everything for Love!!!
It’s been said
light will enter
through the wound in your heart
so stand up straight
claim that crown
upon your head
everybody is spiritual royalty!
Track Name: The Love Comet
The Love Comet
One Million Years from today
the alien children at play
talking bout what they learned in school
about the fate of planet blue
they say:
“Remember the human race?”
“How sad it is they threw it all away”
they say, “Remember? What a disgrace?
so much potential that they had for good.
But greed got it the way like so many times
before and now they're gone.”
An alien boy named Ryder Jett
saw this fate and it made him feel so sad
he loved the animals on the earth
and he didn't want them to go away forever
so he sent a comet of love
and hoped it would get there in time
“Oh Yes I am from your future with a love as deep as your seas
I’m wild and supernatural I’m an extraterrestrial being
And we will dream together the eternity of your being
I am sending off this gift to you now
exploding into your heart’s dream
exploding into your heart’s dreaming!”
ghosts of mountains, ghosts of water, ghosts of fire, heaven’s daughter!
we Remember you!
To Love! To Love! To Love and never be afraid
To Love! To Love! You know it’s just a dream away…
* “Oh Wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here,
how beauteous mankind is, oh brave new world that has such people in it.”
*William Shakespeare from “The Tempest”
Track Name: The Earth Breathes
The Earth Breathes
The earth she breathes
births into being
a sphere of light
to shine on humanity
she dreams of you
she dreams of me
helping us awaken
to our destiny
the blinding light casts no shadows now
so shake your souls awake!
she says:
“Calm down, earth’s little children
the world is starting to grow in love
greed is losing all of her powers
everyone looks equal when you
look down from above!”
Austin Jack says, “It’s time to take back
the spirit of the human revolution.
To see yourself in all beings, you’ll
understand what compassion means.
It’s time take an evolutionary step for all living beings!”
he says:
“Returning to a time of wonder
spark the fire
water the seed
beyond the myths of separation
seeing the light in all beings!
All of creation is
waiting for you to married
All of creation is
waiting for you to married
to yourself!
to yourself!”
Track Name: All Are One
All Are One
We are the healers
we are the teachers of truth
the collective messiah
the ones to guide the innocence of youth
beaten hearts will rise again
with agape’s sacred kiss
on the wings of a silver dove
to the vision of the inner wilderness
Here, here comes creation
riding on your soul
lighting up your heart
here come the changes
with a love to heal these mistakes
all beings grow in wisdom and beauty
when treated with respect, justice and equality
the earth longs for the love of all beings
all beings long for the love of the earth
free the prisoned animals
let them live a life of dignity and worth
here come the changes
riding on your soul
lighting up your heart
here comes creation
with a love to heal these mistakes
Preacher: “And a time will come when the people of the earth will join together
to create a brave new world! Seeing past differences of race, religion and class!
Uniting in the wisdom light and truth that We Are All One!”
Chorus: “When you realize” / Preacher: “It has been written”
Chorus: “When you know” / Preacher: “That we will rise”
Chorus: “You’re a healer” / Preacher: “Past the ancient stories”
Chorus: “Then we will grow” / Preacher: “Of separation and strife”
Chorus: “Did you know that?” / Preacher: “We need your love! To help us find our way!”
Chorus: “You are a healer” / Preacher: “To earth’s destiny”
Chorus: “Did you know that you’re a teacher of peace?”
Chorus: “We need your love, we need your love, we need your love!”
Track Name: Infinite Colors of Desire
Infinite Colors of Desire
The earth was crying just the other day
you could see her tears from the Milky Way
and all of the children were listening
and all of the trees they were glistening
all the Beauty that has come before
is calling you to remember her love
and the infinite colors of desire
will they keep our attention for a while?
will the unknown mysteries prevail?
will we know the parting of the veil?
And a new world waiting to be born
As we brave the coming storms?
finding our way to stable ground
release the old so the new ways can be found
I finally found the road to freedom
I didn't think that we would make it
the birds of Jupiter are returning
you know they’ve come to take us home
And the saints and the sinners will be called
all will be blessed and all absolved
flowers of acacia in their hair
they come singing in their boats of courage and truth
We sing our songs of love
learning to trust our inner being
we sing our songs of hope
and letting go of hope
learning about giving and receiving
And we’re still learning
how our love can evolve
beyond the seen
beyond this dream
so little we know
how little we know
the eternal awaits
with an open gate
waiting for you to come home
when are you going to come home?
Track Name: Love is Waiting
Love Is Waiting
Holy $ profits come to speak
in this age of the apocalypse
broken hearts and grief
the possession of our human souls
well it’s gone to far
wake us from this deep deep sleep
before it gets too hard
when the shapers of reality
become our betrayers
you honest people have to rise and become
the new leaders
cause I’m telling you baby:
Love is Waiting!Love is Waiting!
Love is Waiting for you to come on through!
Love’s hurling a comet at your soul
can you handle all the love that you hold?
Heal the broken hearted
till these troubled waters cease
turn machines of destruction
into pastures of peace
infinity is calling
she’s calling you and me
shine your light brightly
hold on to your dignity
cause papa Allen’s telling you:
There will be an answer
there will be an answer
let the waters of justice
trickle down and flow
war and hate are out of fashion
someone might get hurt
driving on the right side of the road
Track Name: Waking The White Winged Horse
Waking The White Winged Horse
There is a Man
there is a man playing chess with death
on Malibu beach tonight
looks kind of mythical
wouldn’t it make a fine post card?
kind of cynical
like the times when we were young
filled with daring and wonder
and remember to see the strange
in the ordinary ways of life
I found my way from the white winged horse of your dream (Mariah!)
she taught me how to slay all the evil away
I searched for my soul through those twisted roads of wonder
now I’m returning home and I walk right up to you!
Track Name: Who Knows What Wonders Might Arise
Who Knows What Wonders Might Arise
I forgive us our brokenness
I forgive us our fears
May we bathe in the healing waters
till the voices of the angels will be near
And who knows what wonders might arise?
when you birth yourself again?
in the heart of the burning desert
in the sun that's behind the sun
In the distance you hear music
you see a fountain and a shrine
shedding off your weary bones
and the miracle changed your mind
Put your prayers inside a drum
cast your wild eyes on the sea
your working days they’re done
you’re no longer stuck in that machine
Well I believe in you
and you believe in me
but as long as one of us is suffering
then none of us are free
and our hearts beat like thunder
as we heard the trumpet sound
found wisdom born from sorrow
innocence born from the storm
the call is for a hero
waiting on the inside
waiting to be saved by you
Track Name: Arise & Awake
Arise & Awake
Trying to be a hero
sometimes it’s hard to be that strong
you feel the weight of all your dreaming
stand up now and sing your song
now’s the time for your reaction
place a crown where you’ve been tread
the world’s weary for redemption
reconnect your golden thread
everybody’s waiting for you
get up and live your life now
there’s nobody standing in your way
the dreams you’ve planted
are starting to awake
the light of a sunrise
burning fear away
the poet’s light upon your face
holds eternity’s embrace
your spirit is brave and kind
sometimes too good for this world
but I know that you will shine again
on the courage of your wings you will arise